Scottsdale bar Spanish Fly invites Ben Quayle to host pool party after Israel flap

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - A Valley hot spot has invited Congressman Ben Quayle to host a pool party following accusations that he was involved in an incident that included drinking and nudity in an area considered by many to be holy land.

As reported Sunday by POLITICO, numerous members of Congress, including Quayle, engaged in a night of revealing behavior on a 2011 trip to the Seal of Galilee in Israel.

The FBI launched an investigation into the fact-finding trip, which involved 30 freshmen Republican congressmen.

POLITICO reports that Quayle, as well as several of his colleagues, went out drinking one night and then went swimming in the Sea of Galilee.

According to POLITICO, one of Quayle's colleagues, Rep. Kevin Yoder from Kansas, admitted to swimming naked.

Now, Valley bar Spanish Fly is extending an invitation to all those involved to its downtown Scottsdale location.

Representatives of Spanish Fly reportedly called Quayle's office Monday afternoon and extended the invitation.

"If Congress Gone Wild wants a sequel where better than Spanish Fly? It's close to Congressman Quayle's district and home, we have enough space for his colleagues and there's great food and drink in the same location.  The only bad news is that our liquor license doesn't permit nudity so Congressman Yoder may be disappointed," said Spanish Fly Marketing Director Brian Ruede. 

Quayle has denied any wrongdoing during the Israel trip.

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