Scottsdale 911 dispatchers save 3 people after overdose

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - From the beginning, dispatchers could tell the 911 call Wednesday morning wasn't going to go well.

"Uh yes, I have a girl, I think that she might be overdosing on some sort of drug right now," the caller said.

It came in to the Scottsdale Police Emergency Call Center.

"During the call his voice also faded out so it was hard to understand what he was saying as well," dispatcher Monica Garcia said.

It quickly became clear the girl wasn't the only one on drugs.

"Sir, talk to me so we can get you some help started," the dispatcher said.

Three minutes into the call and dispatchers still couldn't get the caller to give them an address. Without an address, they couldn't get an ambulance on its way.

Within minutes the caller became impossible to understand, then stopped speaking completely. Dispatchers believe he had passed out.

"We use everything that we do have but sometimes it doesn't end up with a good connection. Sometimes we still can't find the person. So this was a rare situation," Garcia said.

By the time emergency crews got to the scene they found three people close to death.

Dispatchers say because the caller used his cell phone they had to pinpoint where he was calling from. If you do call 911 from your cell phone, make sure to tell dispatch where you are as soon as possible.

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