Congressman Ben Quayle: No bad behavior on trip overseas, accusations part of 'smear campaign'

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Congressman Ben Quayle is denying allegations he was involved in an incident of drinking and nudity while on a trip overseas.

Rep. Quayle called the accusations part of a smear campaign put out by his opponent just eight days before Arizona's primary election.

Citing various sources, the website POLITICO published a story Sunday night that linked Quayle to an incident in Israel that involved drinking and nudity.

POLITICO's sources claim Quayle and several other Congressmen went out drinking one night and then swimming in the Sea of Galilee.

Congressman Kevin Yoder of Kansas even admitted to swimming in the nude.

"I did not see anybody drinking to excess when I was there," said Rep. Quayle. "I don't know what happened after but not when I was there. I was just enjoying a nice dinner."

Quayle admits he did go swimming in the Sea of Galilee away from the group but did have his swimsuit on.

Congressman Quayle also denies POLITICO's claim that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor chastised the group for inappropriate behavior the following morning.

"Cantor did get all the members together but it wasn't a chastising, I didn't take it as such," said Rep. Quayle.

The story breaking now 12 months later Quayle attributes to his opponent, Rep. David Schweikert , who was also on the trip to Israel.

Quayle calls it a desperate attempt by a career politician to hang on to his seat in Congress.

"Dave Schweikert says a lot of things and a lot of things aren't true," said Rep. Quayle. "This is just one more in a pattern of lies."

POLITICO originally reported the FBI was investigating the incident but several news outlets Monday, including the Los Angeles Times, said that's not true.

Rep. Schweikert denies his campaign was the source for the story.

Quayle issued the following statement in response to the trip Monday afternoon:

The trip to Israel was not only an amazing experience for my wife and I, but extremely significant to our Christian faith. Earlier in the evening I had entered the Sea of Galilee very briefly to secure a jar of water so my daughter could be baptized with it. At no point in time was I aware of, or witness to, any inappropriate behavior, as I had retired to my hotel room with my wife before the described misconduct occurred.

The real question here is why is Dave Schweikert spreading these malicious falsehoods, a week before our primary, if he has known about inappropriate behavior for over a year? The mask is off and Dave Schweikert has revealed himself as exactly the low and dishonest career politician the public has come to loathe. Voters will see right through this deception and join Senator Kyl and Senator McCain in condemning Dishonest Dave for his sleazy and fraudulent campaign.

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