Protesters greet Romney in Scottsdale

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - A fundraiser for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney Monday afternoon in Scottsdale drew dozens of protesters who criticized Romney's stance on immigration.

Romney arrived at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort around 12:30 Monday afternoon.

ABC15 and other local news outlets were not allowed inside the resort which reportedly brought in several thousand dollars per person for Romney's campaign.

"It was fantastic, he did an incredible job," said Romney supporter Chandler Peterson.

But outside the resort, people didn't speak quite so highly of Romney.

"He may be trying to change his position now but in the past he's completely attacked immigrants," said Carlos Galindo, President of the Immigrant Advocacy Foundation.

Romney's visit came just hours after the Supreme Court struck down much of Senate Bill 1070.

Peterson tells ABC15 Romney addressed the ruling during his speech.

"He thinks we need a more balanced approach to immigration," said Peterson.  "He would prefer giving more of the power back to the states and not keep it at the federal level."

The protesters responded by criticizing Romney's calls for illegal immigrants to self-deport.

Reyna Montoya says she'd like to see Romney come out in favor of the Dream Act.

"He has a chance to become President, if he's not going to talk to us that's a big concern," said Montoya.

In fact, Romney's caravan left the resort without acknowledging the protest.

The protesters, however, hope their message got through to the community, if not the candidate.

"This anti-immigrant mentality, they've got to understand there's very few things you can see that haven't been touched by someone who was an immigrant," said Angel Garcia.

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