Postal workers brave extreme heat to get job done

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - While most people choose to stay indoors during triple digits temperatures, some are forced to work in it until the job is done. Richard Tyler has been through 30 Arizona summer's, delivering mail to residents throughout Scottsdale.

"I started working on foot delivering mail, which was tough during the summers. I have some seniority so the majority of the time I drive, but it still gets hot with no air conditioning," said Tyler.

Temperatures in Tyler's delivery truck get close to 130 degrees during the summer. With no air conditioning and only a small dashboard fan to give a breeze, Tyler had to quickly learn how to cool down.

"I carry a rag towel and dunk it in these ice buckets I carry with me. I put it around my neck and you'd be surprised how quick it cools you off," said Tyler.

Every day starting at 8 a.m. Tyler stocks his delivery van with three buckets of ice and plenty of water. Rarely does he ever run out, but in desperate times, homeowners have pulled through.

"They are so nice offering me ice, or I just stay close to any gas station so I can fill up quick," said Tyler.

It's a tough job getting through the summer months, but for Tyler every minute is worth it. He had the option to retire five years ago, but insisted on sticking with it.

"It's a good job. You get to see people and they're nice to you. You're on your own most of the day so I wouldn't change it for anything," said Tyler.

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