New Scottsdale home for Sarah Palin?

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - UPDATE: This story was generating a lot of attention Monday morning and was discussed during ABC15's Now@9. Watch the discussion by viewing the attached Now@9 video.

Saturday outside a North Scottsdale home speculated to be the new property belonging to Sarah Palin, a black SUV with an Alaska license plate pulled up and asked our ABC15 crew to leave the area immediately.

The driver wouldn't comment on whether Palin plans to move in so she can set up shop for a possible 2012 presidential run. But plenty of others are commenting.

"It's the best place you could buy a second home in the entire United States," said realtor Jeff Sibbach, who sells high end homes for John Hall & Associates. "It's all speculation right now."

That's because nothing in the MLS says Sarah Palin.

Public records show Safari Investments LLC purchased the property from an investor for $1,695,000 and paid cash.

That investor told ABC15 he didn't know who bought his property.

"Who is behind the LLC we don't know," said Sibbach.

Sibbach, who has worked with several celebrity clients said it's normal for high profile people to use an LLC.

He said this property, which has views of Pinnacle Peak, would be ideal for Palin. He also noticed there's a new jungle gym set up in the back.

"It's definitely a low key area, but a little bit of a compound," he said. "You got four and half acres, you got almost 8,000 square feet. A place to move around and be private."

Next door neighbor Asher Fishgold chuckled at the idea of the Palins moving in.

"As long as she's not hunting my dogs," he said. "I don't care, you know."

Fishgold, who said he's a republican, is not sure he wants to see her run in 2012.

"Personally I have nothing against her, but I hope not because I really don't think she can win the general election," Fishgold said.

But don't tell that to the head of Arizona's Republican Party. Tom Morrissey and his wife Kris said they have open arms for the Palins.

"Her daughter lives here, she was John McCain's running mate," said Kris Morrissey. "I think it's going to stimulate the economy, she offers job opportunities to people."

The Morrisseys said the Valley is exactly the place where Palin, who's nicknamed "Mama Grizzly" should launch her 2012 bid for presidency.

"I think it would be great for the state, great for the party and ultimately great for our country," said Tom Morrissey, head of Arizona's Republican party.

No one from Palin Headquarters returned our request for an interview.

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