One legged biker making a difference

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - There is a fairly unusual and inspiring scene in north Scottsdale. A one legged man riding a bike.

He does more just than ride, he rides fast, powered by just one leg.

"It became a passion, because once you get into riding, you can't get enough," said Todd Key.

The middle aged man lost his right leg to cancer at age 17, and his right arm is disfigured after being badly broken. 

Despite the challenges, Todd found a way to keep on riding.

He uses a plastic sleeve that fits what's left of his leg like a glove, and a special arm rest to hold his elbow in place. Todd made the upgrades on his bike for less than $200. 

"I knew this had to be inexpensive if others were going to be able to use it."

Todd rides more than 150 miles in a typical week. He said he can reach speeds of over 40 miles per hour.

His hope is that other amputees, like cancer survivors or soldiers returning from war will get a chance to enjoy riding a bike again. "It's one of the few things that takes you back to being a kid".

To learn more about Todd and his bike enhancements, you can visit his website .

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