New lanes to be added to Loop 101 in Scottsdale

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Transportation officials are getting ready to start a massive construction project that should bring big changes to sections of the Loop 101.

Arizona Department of Transportation spokesperson Doug Nintzel said the plan is to add 1 lane in each direction between the Loop 202 and Shea Boulevard.

"Once we are done that will make a big difference for people who travel through this area, it's one of the busiest stretches on the entire 101," said Nintzel.

Officials said the plan is to expand the 101 to 4 lanes plus an HOV lane along a 10 mile stretch north of the 202.

Two additional lanes will also be added near the intersection of the 101 and the 202 to make exiting and entering easier.

"That will make a difference because it will give more room for traffic to merge. Northbound that will be good during the morning rush hour and Southbound that will help out more during the evening rush hour," said Nintzel.

Construction is expected to start this summer and finish by summer of 2016.

During construction, ADOT officials said they will be reducing speed limits throughout the construction zone.

"Probably 55mph, but we will also do things where a barrier wall will be set up and the construction crew will be behind that barrier wall. So, we are going to be able to maintain the traffic through there as best we can," said Nintzel.

Along with new lanes officials said they will also be adding rubberized asphalt to the road to reduce tire noise.

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