Neighbors look for help from city after Scottsdale flooding

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - A Scottsdale neighbor flooded during Sunday's storm wants the city to take action and fix the on-going problems.

Charla Paynter lives northwest of the Loop 101 and Shea Blvd.

She watched the fast moving flood waters trap a woman in her car Sunday morning. She said the high water then forced the fire department to turn around to find another way to rescue the stranded driver.

"Those moments when the fire department turns around and looks for another entry point could be life or death for someone," said Paynter.

That worried Paynter who said it's not just big storms that flood her street.

"This is something we have on a regular basis. This surface street and our homes and all these materials you see flying down the street it's just a regular occurrence. There's just no way to clear the water," said Paynter.

As the area has grown, Paynter said the flooding has become worse and wants the city to do something.

"I would like to think of the city as our advocate --and I think they are -- I'm just not sure why they thought this was a good solution. Maybe they have a reason why this is acceptable but it certainly isn't to us," said Paynter.

Mike Phillips, a spokesperson for the City of Scottsdale, admits the flood control in Paynter's neighborhood is not up to city standards and adds the city has looked into the issue.

Phillips said the city does not have enough money to fix all of the flooding issues in the city.

Phillips said voters will have the opportunity to vote on a bond measure in November to help pay for flooding projects.

It's unclear if the measure would help the problems in Paynter's neighborhood.

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