Marilyn Edge update: Scottsdale mom accused of murdering kids was in bitter custody battle

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - New developments in the case of the Scottsdale mom accused of murdering her two children in a California hotel room. ABC15 has learned the kids were supposed to be back in Georgia, with their father permanently. 

Their mother, 42-year-old Marilyn Edge, is now charged with two counts of felony murder.

The kids' father, Mark Edge, had to be hospitalized after hearing the news his children had allegedly been poisoned by their own mother. These were kids he spent the past six years fighting for.

"Neither one of us anticipated this," said Georgia Attorney Marian Weeks.

She knows Mark and Marilyn Edge well. She helped Mark through a child custody battle that's been ongoing since 2007. According to court papers, last September, a judge awarded Mark visitation rights to both kids. Just six days later, Marilyn announced she and the kids were moving to an apartment complex in Scottsdale.

Court records include an email from Marilyn explaining the move. She wrote that she put her kids' needs before anyone else's, and said, "I would never intentionally hurt my children."

In December, Mark filed for full custody, to get his kids back to Georgia. But, it wasn't until just last week, a judge ruled in his favor, which means Marilyn would only have visitation rights every other weekend.

"When Judge Leonard was giving his order on Wednesday afternoon, she got up and walked out of the court in the middle of it," remembers Weeks.

The court ordered Marilyn to transfer custody of the kids to Mark in Georgia by this past Sunday at noon. If she didn't, an immediate warrant for her arrest would be issued.

But, on Sunday, Marilyn wasn't in Georgia. She was in a jail cell in Santa Ana, California, accused of murdering 13-year-old Jaelen and 10-year-old Faith inside a hotel room.

After two failed suicide attempts, police arrested her and charged her with two felony counts of murder.

Marilyn is expected to be arraigned in a California courtroom Tuesday morning.

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