Marilyn Edge update: Documents shed light on what murder suspect was going through

PHOENIX - A mother is charged with murder, after police found the bodies of her two children inside a California hotel room.

Police say Marilyn Edge killed her two children on Saturday inside a Hampton Inn in Santa Anna.

Family members released the name of the victims. They are 13-year-old Jaelen and 11-year-old Faith.

The most recent address for Marilyn is in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The children's father, Mark Edge, lives in Marietta, Georgia.

According to Mark's attorney, Marian Weeks, full custody was granted to Mark. Marilyn was supposed to bring the children back to Georgia last week but never showed up.

Instead, Costa Mesa police say Marilyn killed her two children in a Santa Ana hotel room and then tried to kill herself, after crashing her car into an electrical box outside a store.

Cpl. Anthony Bertagna says Marilyn refused to get out of the car when police arrived and tried to choke herself with a belt or rope, as rescuers worked to free her.

Police also found propane inside Marilyn's car.

The cause of death for the children is not being released at this time. Police say a weapon was not recovered at the scene.

Court records show Marilyn sued the federal government back in 2004, alleging her son Jaelen developed autism from a vaccine.

In 2012, Chief Special Master Patricia Campbell-Smith dismissed the case because there was not enough evidence to prove Jaelen's autism was caused from the vaccine.

However, the court did grant Marilyn $7,692.00 to cover legal expenses.

Edge was denied bail.

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