Liposuction without surgery? New weight loss therapy Vanquish gains popularity

A new machine claims to help people lose at least two inches around their waist by killing fat cells -- without any surgery.

Vanquish uses radio-frequency to zap fat cells with no pain. It’s a noninvasive treatment and requires no downtime.

The procedure takes about 30 minutes and requires around four to eight sessions.

You lie down on a medical bed and a technician places a panel over your abdomen, about an inch away from your skin. The machine then heats up and attacks fat cells.

“The panel never really touches you, you just lay there for 30 minutes and it takes four to six treatments about a week apart,” said Dr. Stephen Beals.

Beals was the first plastic surgeon in Arizona to test Vanquish. He admits he was skeptical in the beginning, but says he was quickly proven wrong with the results.

“I think it’s really for those looking to lead a healthy lifestyle that are willing to do a diet and exercise program that are maybe mildly overweight,” said Beals.

Beals now offers Vanquish to patients at his Scottsdale Cosmetic Surgery clinic.

Gina Viviano tested the treatment in July 2013. She says she couldn’t lose the extra fat around her waist through diet and exercise alone.

“It’s just that stubborn area. It happens in menopause,” said Viviano. “You start to collect fat right around the middle.”

Viviano said she lost at least two inches around her waist after going through treatments.

One treatment can cost anywhere between $600 and $800 depending on the doctor.

Beals says the risks are minimal; at the most, mild redness and swelling.

Patients also need to remember to drink plenty of water. Beals says the hydration helps the body eliminate the dead fat cells.

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