Jury to deliberate fate of Scottsdale father Andre Leteve accused of killing 2 sons

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - On Wednesday, a jury will start deliberating the fate of a Scottsdale man who admitted to shooting and killing his two children and then tried to kill himself.

During closing arguments, Andre Leteve's attorney did not dispute his client killed his 5-year-old son, Alec, and one-year-old, Asher inside their Scottsdale home back in 2010.

Instead, Leteve's attorney tried to convince the jury the shooting was not premeditated which wouldn't have as tough as a sentence.

"At times people do things without thinking or do things they don't remember doing or they're stressed or under pressure," said Leteve's attorney.

Leteve's attorney said his client was stressed out from money problems and an ugly divorce before the shooting.

However, prosecutors said Leteve planned the murders ahead of time and showed the jury a suicide letter Leteve left his wife, Laurie, and said he wrote it days before the shooting.

"The defendant wanted to punish Laurie. He wanted his revenge. He got his revenge," said the lead prosecutor.

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