Joe Biden visits Scottsdale eatery to talk health care

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Kim Van Pelt works with Cover Arizona, a group that helps people enroll in health coverage through the Affordable Care Act.

She was part of a small group invited to a surprise breakfast visit with Vice President Joe Biden at Butterfields in Scottsdale, sharing updates on the enrollment process in Arizona.

“It's not every day that you see the Vice President,” laughed Van Pelt. "What he did was a lot of listening, about how we can be more effective in terms of getting more folks enrolled in the marketplace."

The White House gave invitees a call yesterday, but they didn't know it would be with Vice President Biden.

Phoenix resident Heather Jelonek enrolled in health care coverage through the ACA back in December. She was invited after filling out a survey about her experiences with the coverage.

"My very high cost generic medication was available to me through my policy for $25 instead of $600 a month,” Jelonek said.

But she told Biden there’s still room for improvement as far as promoting the ACA in Arizona.

"It's not just about getting onto the college campuses and making sure the college students are enrolled. It's about getting into the churches, the community centers and the doctors' offices so the patients that really need the information are able to get it,” Jelonek said.

According to Cover Arizona, more than 100,000 people have enrolled in Medicaid and health coverage through ACA. The deadline to enroll is March 31.

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