Hundreds line up for lucky Friday 13th tattoos

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Friday the 13th may be a day deemed unlucky by many people, but apparently it was a great time to get a tattoo.

For many it's a permanent reminder of the memories shaping their lives.

It's the reason the Scottsdale tattoo shop owned by Myron Larrabee was packed today.

And maybe because EZ Tattoo Shop was offering tattoos for just $13, making it a lucky day for everyone.

For Crystal Martinez it was her very first tattoo, a petite purple rose.

"My middle name's Rose," Martinez said. "My daughter's middle name is Rose. My grandmother's name is Rose, so it was special in that way too, so it worked out."

And for hundreds of others it worked out too, marking this Friday the 13th as not so unlucky.

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