Grandfather shot dead by police wanted to run for president

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - The grandfather who was shot dead by a Scottsdale police officer while holding his grandson, planned to run for President this fall, even though he was open to violence against government employees.

John George Loxas II wanted to run on a platform of education reform that he hoped would end war and hunger, according to his campaign's Facebook page .

"A REVOLUTION IS COMING," he wrote in March 2011, "THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO CHANGE. The question is: Who do YOU want to be the President of the United States AFTER the revolution is over??"

Loxas only had 17 followers on his page , but it appears his writings and his hopes to run for President were sincere.

"I believe that the World Bank/International Monetary Fund/Federal Reserve/IRS, mainstream media, corporatism, Zionism and GREED are the true axes of evil whether or not, they know or believe that themselves. Right or wrong, true or untrue; this is MY belief, and I firmly stand by it," he wrote on his personal Facebook page .

Despite his aspirations for peace, he also appeared to suggest violence when the "revolution" came.

"If you must burn a building, or shed blood, make certain it is a GOVERNMENT building or a GOVERNMENT representative," he wrote, "ANY agent of the government, is an enemy of the PEOPLE."

On January 27th, he suddenly announced that he was ending his bid for the Oval Office.

"After many heartfelt conversations with my closest friends and family," he wrote, "I have decided that it is in the best interest of the American people, that I formally renounce my candidacy for President."

Loxas had a previous run-in with Scottsdale police in 2010.

Officers charged him with disorderly conduct after they said he had been drinking, carrying a firearm and arguing with his neighbors.

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