Doctors say keep kids with head lice in school

It’s a real head scratcher from the American Academy of Pediatrics - if your kid gets lice, keep them in class.

The group just came out with the new recommendation saying that lice may be a nuisance, but not a health hazard. The academy  says that a healthy child should not be restricted from attending school because of head lice or nits (eggs).

But not everyone agrees. “Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous,” says Farrell Hogenauer who helps head up Lice Knowing You in Scottsdale, a de-bugging clinic. 

"Would you send a kid to school with strep throat? No.” She believes kids should stay out of school to stop the bugs from spreading.

The suggestion comes on the heels of a new study that lists Arizona as one of 25 states with over-the-counter treatment resistant lice.

Hogenauer compares it to an antibiotic resistant bacteria. She says overtime the bugs have grown immune to the pesticides in the over-the-counter treatments.

The CDC estimates between 6 to 12 million kids get lice every year.

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