Brokale Marques shows little remorse for death of infant son in hot car

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - For the first time, we're hearing from the Scottsdale father charged with second degree murder after he left his infant son in a hot car, so he could go to work.

Court paperwork paints a heartbreaking picture of what happened to the 1-year-old baby just days ago. 

Brokale Marques, 28, told police he took his son to work and left him in the car because he forgot he was on the schedule, didn't have a babysitter and was afraid of being fired.

On Saturday morning, Marques got to work at International Cruise & Excursions in Scottsdale and, police say, he chose to leave his son inside the car with the air-conditioning running.

Two hours later, he told police he checked on the baby, who was OK, but told police he didn't think it was good for the car's engine to be running for an extended period of time.

According to court paperwork, "He believed the car was cool enough for the child. Brokale left his son inside the car, windows rolled up and doors locked, returning to work."

According to a county attorney assigned to this case, "He intentionally left his son out in the car twice and the second time, just turned the car off thinking that it was more important his car be preserved than his child's life."

In court Tuesday, Marques showed little remorse for the death of his son. His biggest concern was that a judge told him he's not eligible for a court-appointed attorney.

Marques:  I can't afford an attorney.  I need to speak with a...

Judge: At this point sir, I'm looking at your income and your expenses.

Marques: I am no longer working.

Judge: I understand that.

Marques: And the money I made I spent.

Judge: Please be quiet, sir...  I understand that.

The judge said, according to his testimony, Marques has earned $90,000 so far this year.

Marques:  It was a commission based job, ma'am. So, the information I provided wasn't based on a weekly basis.

Judge: Don't argue with me sir.

Then, the judge decided to raise his bond to $500,000 after the county attorney made this point: "I believe that he is a flight risk based on the fact he is more than likely facing mandatory prison in this case."

According to police, Marques' employer said their employees are on a point system, and he wasn't close to being fired. 

Also, police say the babysitter said she was expecting to watch the baby Saturday and claims Marques has a history of not tending to his son.

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