Blind Valley boy inspires others with ability to swim

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Swimming comes easier than walking for 21-month-old Colton Meyer. It's a sport Colton's mom Simona Hecker never imagined he'd become comfortable with because of a developmental disorder he was born with.

"When Colton was born we automatically knew something was wrong with his eyes. He was diagnosed with microphthalmia, leaving him pretty much blind," Hecker said.

Colton's vision is limited to light, and shapes. It left Simona's hopes for Colton lost until she signed him up for swimming lessons at 8 months old.

"Right away he loved it. Just splashed, laughed and right away we knew he was going to be good in the water," said Hecker.

With a little one like Colton who loves to swim, Simona understands how important water safety is. With the help of instructors at Hubbard Family Swim School, she was able to teach Colton to only jump in the pool when he hears his mom count to three.

"He knows right away that when he jumps in to flip over onto his back and float. He's fantastic. It just gives us hope now that he'll be able to excel in whatever he wants and hopefully inspire others," Hecker said.

With the help of the Hubbard Swim organization, Colton's story is sent to families all over the country who have disabled children. If you would like more information on the swim program you can go to the Hubbard Family Swim School website .

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