Biking in Arizona: Scottsdale looking to make roads safer for bikers

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - The city of Scottsdale is trying to make some of their streets safer for bicyclists.

Scottsdale city officials say they are considering creating special streets known as "bike boulevards." An idea ABC15 found is not without controversy.

"I think it's a great idea, I've had too many friends hit by cars." said avid bike rider Mike Anderson.

"I think there's other things that we could be spending money on, seems like a waste," said Scottsdale resident Emika Howard.

Once designated a "bike boulevard" streets would feature special signage, speed limits, or construction aimed at slowing down the flow of traffic and making it safer for cyclists.

A total of nine streets are being considered for boulevard status:

Those include; Roosevelt, Oak, Jackrabbit, Cholla Street from 90th to Via Linda, Sweetwater Avenue from Frank Lloyd Wright, 87th Street south of the canal, 84th Street from Shea Boulevard to Thunderbird, 90th from Cholla to Redfield and parts of Pima Path.

To try and make the streets safer for cyclists "boulevards" try to slow down and restrict traffic.

Depending on the streets, cars might be not be allowed to turn or proceed directly through intersections.

City officials say they are currently just considering the "bike boulevard" idea. No word yet on how much designated the streets might cost.

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