Red Bull Illume: Action sports photography comes to Scottsdale

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - A new kind of art exhibit is about to be unveiled in Scottsdale. It's called Red Bull Illume and organizers say it features the best in action sports photography.

The exhibit features photos from the world of rock climbing, motocross, skiing, surfing and many other sports.

Photographer Zak Noyle won "Best Sequence" for his photo of a surfer doing a backflip.

"I was walking down the beach and I saw this guy doing backflips so I set up my camera there. My camera shoots 10 frames per second so I just held it down. I only got it that one time but it just all came together beautifully," said Noyle.

Noyle's photograph is just one of many being featured at Illume. Dozens of black pillars containing photographs are set up near the Soleri Bridge at Scottsdale Waterfront. At night the photos will be lit up with special lights to produce a more artistic effect.

Several of the winning photographers will also be on hand for the premiere Thursday night. Noyle says that while he's excited about winning he's more excited about getting a chance to share his love of the ocean and his passion for photography with his family.

"She could never go in, but I could bring back these photos of these giant barrels and waves and she could experience and appreciate them. She'll never get to see them first hand but to be able to show someone my views and my perspectives, that's really what motivates me," said Noyle.

This is the first time Illume has been held in the United States since 2007.

Illume will also feature special events centered around rock climbing, water skiing and motocross.

Illume will be available and open to the public until November 24th.

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