8 javelinas killed in Scottsdale neighborhood

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - People in a Scottsdale neighborhood said their streets were being overrun by javelinas and blame a woman for feeding the wild animals.

AJ Schlatter Flynn said her husband took video of her neighbor feeding a pack of javelinas earlier this month.

"When they feed them they get accustomed to being fed, so when you don't feed them they're quite angry and can become quite aggressive," said Flynn.

Flynn said the animals' bad behavior has gotten worse recently.

She said the javelinas have charged at her and even attacked one of her dogs.

Several other neighbors said they now see 20 to 30 javelinas roaming the area.

Some blame it on the animals being fed.

"When they get out of hand with too many of them they're dangerous. We got kids down here," said  Bill Smaltz, who also lives in the area.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department said a worker shot and killed eight javelinas because they were a threat to public safety.

The department also cited Valerie Skidmore for feeding the animals, but she calls it a misunderstanding.

"I had put bread down for the birds and then the javelina came up around me and basically trapped me there until they were done going away," said Skidmore.

However, the Arizona Game and Fish Department said since 2008, it has warned Skidmore three different times about feeding wild animals.

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