Valley police officer Joe DiVenti reflects on dangers of job after Phoenix officer shot

PARADISE VALLEY, AZ - Police officers put their lives on the line every single day and never know if they'll make it back home. It's a commitment to their community that they don't take for granted.

Officer Joe DiVenti works for the Paradise Valley Police Department. He's been in law enforcement for nearly eight years.

"I've always had that desire to help people," he says. "It's an honorable profession and somebody's gotta do it."

It's a career he's passionate about yet realizes the dangers of being shot. DiVenti says, "It's a thought that comes to mind every time we come to work."'

Major crime is rare in Paradise Valley but the officers are trained to expect the worst, especially when it comes to a traffic stop, because you never know who's behind the wheel. Something Officer DiVenti thinks about daily.

"Every stop," he says. "You don't who you're pulling over. It could be somebody that just committed a crime, it could be somebody's grandparent, you just never know. So, you just treat every stop with that same kind of caution."

During a ride-along with ABC15, he pulled over a driver for doing 54 in a 40. An easy stop, but the next one might be different. That realization sometimes worries his wife and his family.

"I would lie to you if I didn't say some of my family members wouldn't want me in this profession just for safety's sake," DiVenti says.

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