Valley author sending books to victim of CT shooting

PARADISE VALLEY, AZ - A Valley woman is sending something personal to the victims of the Connecticut shooting in hopes it will provide some comfort.

As a former kindergarten teacher, Judy Laufer knows the power words and pictures can have on children.

"It's a wonderful age. They believe in goodness in people. They believe in magic," said Laufer.

Now, Laufer hopes two children's books she has written can help students at Sandy Hook Elementary believe things will be okay despite last week's tragedy.

One book deals with nightmares, the other one is about losing someone special.

"The reason I wrote them is to help kids so when I heard about this, I thought this is the perfect place to send them," said Laufer.

Laufer is sending copies of both books to Newtown, Connecticut.

While she knows the books will not erase what happened, she hopes they can provide a sense of comfort.

"If they can detach for just a few minutes, or an evening and find themselves in a happier place, I'm hoping that'll be helpful."

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