Valley amputee Jacob Pruett to compete in paratriathlon

PARADISE VALLEY, AZ - Jacob Pruett has only been doing triathlons for about a year and a half, yet he has already been invited to represent the United States in the World Championships next month in London.

There are two things that make this accomplishment even more impressive. First of all, he is only 16 years old.  Secondly, he had his left leg amputated when he was five weeks old.

Jacob doesn't see that as a big deal. "It's not as challenging as a kid who lost his leg at nine years old because he's used to having two legs. I haven't really been challenged a lot because I'm just used to only having one leg," said Jacob.

Jacob's mother, Kristin Pruett decided early on to treat Jacob just like a normal child and not let him use his disability as an excuse.

"I'm very proud of him. He's a hard worker, he works very hard every day. He makes me proud and inspires me every day," said Kristin.

Jacob also recently met with a nine-year-old boy who is about to have his leg amputated. Jacob was able to show the young boy that anything will still be possible if you work at it.

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