Murdered Paradise Valley couple honored at fundraiser

PARADISE VALLEY, AZ - It was a bittersweet night in Paradise Valley at the annual Kidney Foundation fundraiser.

For the first time in more than 30 years Glenna and Larry Shapiro were not in attendance.

Glenna was the foundation's CEO for 30 years until retiring in 2006. She and friend/hairdresser Larry Stewart came up with the Dancing with the Stars theme, modeled after the hit ABC show.

"I think she is still here with us," Stewart said Friday night.

He was Glenna's hairdresser for 40 years and was in the first dancing event for the foundation. 

"People are talking about her and asking questions," he said. "We just want to know why. It's so terrible that such a wonderful couple like that would just disappear."

The dancing competition put local movers and shakers with professional dancers trying to win votes and money for a good cause. 

After the dancing there was a touching video tribute to the Shapiros with comments from friends and fellow foundation members.

There were more than 750 attendees at the event expected to raise more than a half million dollars.

It's one of the top 10 fundraisers in Arizona.

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