Max Shacknai's mom Dina Shacknai pleads with City Council to re-open son's death investigation

Tearing up, glancing at her notes and focused on getting her point across, Dina Shacknai begged the Coronado City Council to re-open the case involving her son's death.

Six-year-old Max Shacknai died last summer after he fell down the stairs at his father's Coronado mansion.

Investigators ruled the death an accident, but Shacknai told council members it was a crime.

"I'm here to be the only voice for my Maxie, my son Max who can no longer speak for himself," said Shacknai while standing in front of the council. "As a mom and a scientist, I couldn't make sense of the conclusions the experts had reached."

Shacknai, who hired her own experts, she said came to the conclusion that Max was assaulted.

"Both experts agree that Max, my 6-year-old son, was the victim of an assault scenario which culminated into a homicide," Shacknai said.

The 41-year-old was given three minutes to address the council and mayor during open public comments in the meeting.

"Max could not have gone over the banister with one foot, two feet, with a dog or with a scooter," said Shacknai while holding back tears.

Investigators had previously said they would not re-open the case which is why Shacknai went to the council and mayor.

The incident happened at the mansion owned by his father, Jonah Shacknai who lives in Paradise Valley.

Two days after Max fell down the staircase, Jonah's girlfriend Rebecca Zahau was found naked and hanging from a balcony at the home.

Her death was ruled a suicide by detectives but Zahau's family claims she was murdered.

The council and mayor did not respond to Dina Shacknai's comments.

A San Diego TV station reports the mayor or Coronado said the case will not be re-opened and he respects the police department's decision.

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