Man arrested in PV killings freed weeks before

PHOENIX - A sixth suspect has been arrested in connection with the deaths of a prominent Paradise Valley couple.

Officials announced the arrest at a Tuesday press conference, but released few details about the suspect. More records are expected to be released early next week.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery also answered questions about why murder suspect Michael Crane was on the street after he was picked up on weapons and drug charges in December 2011.

Montgomery said while meth, a rifle, and a stolen motorcycle were found in Crane's home, there wasn't enough evidence at the time to positively link them back to the 31-year-old.

Despite Crane's criminal background, after being held for several days, he was released from jail.

"There were conflicting statements about who had touched the drugs, who had moved the drugs, and who possessed the drugs," Montgomery explained. "In this particular case, we did not file charges on what the Phoenix Police Department requested in the 48 hours because we did not have enough evidence to meet our standard of a reasonable likelihood of conviction on the submitted counts."

Phoenix police and Paradise Valley police did not issue a comment on the latest developments.

Four others were also arrested last week in connection with the murders of Glenna and Lawrence Shapiro.

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