Judge reveals police are looking for 2 new suspects in Paradise Valley murder case

PHOENIX - Prosecutors revealed they're looking for two new suspects in the high profile case of a couple murdered in their Paradise Valley home.

At a court hearing Friday, Suzanne Cohen, a lawyer for the Maricopa County Attorney's office argued records in the Lawrence and Glenna Shapiro murder case should remain kept from the public because releasing the information "could potentially impede" the investigation into the new suspects, particularly until the suspects are interviewed.

Cohen also asserted some information must continue to be withheld due to "safety concerns."

Investigators will not say who they are looking for or how they're connected to the case.

Police have already arrested six people in connection with the case.

ABC15 went to court requesting that a judge to unseal parts of court records that have been redacted since Paradise Valley announced the arrests last month.

On Friday, the judge agreed to unseal part of the records.

It revealed when police showed up to the Shapiro home on January 30, they found the couple "heavily restrained" and "bound together."

The records show that an autopsy determined Glenna died after being shot in the head twice.

It's still not known how Lawrence died, that information is still sealed, but ABC15 learned he was also shot.

The judge also kept sealed the type of gun used in the murders and the type of material used to tie up the Shapiros.

The judge believes revealing that might harm the investigation pertaining to the two new suspects.

The newly unsealed information reveals suspect Kelly Steward, 29, told detectives that 31-year-old Michael Crane, the only suspect charged with murder, gave her jewelry stolen from the Shapiro home.

Steward is accused of giving some of it to her mother.

After the murder, Steward also allegedly admitted to throwing evidence in a trash dumpster.

Unredacted documents also show suspect Shawn Nicloy, 29, admitted to taking two stolen iPads and $1,000 from the Shapiro home.

After the case got media attention, Nicloy reportedly told police he and Crane filled three suitcases of stolen stuff from the Shapiro home, drove it out to the desert and dumped it.

Twenty-five-year-old Katherine Adele Austin, 27-year-old Brittnay Beinhauer, and 26-year-old Danielle Rossman have also been charged in the case.

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