Family arrives at scene of Paradise Valley mystery

PARADISE VALLEY, AZ - The family of a couple found dead in their Paradise Valley home Monday, toured their house Tuesday evening.

They were given a guided tour of the home of Lawrence and Glenna Shapiro by detectives that lasted well over an hour. It is believed the couple was found dead in their home Monday morning. 

Paradise Valley Police still haven't confirmed their identities, but the family has posted a statement thanking the public for their sympathy in this difficult time. The family also asked for privacy.

Two burned bodies were found in the home Monday after a car belonging to the Shapiros was found on fire near 7th Street and Union Hills.

The Shapiro's home was also on fire when officers arrived.

Former Phoenix Police Sgt. Andy Hill spoke to ABC15 about the case. He is retired and not involved in the investigation but spent many years working as an officer in Phoenix and he confirmed a few things for us.

1) The fact that the Shapiros' car was found so far away from the home all but rules out a murder suicide situation.

2) Fires are often set to hide evidence, but Hill says most of the time evidence can still be found.

3) Paradise Valley doesn't deal with many murders. The last one was in 2004. But they have handled high profile murder cases in the past and would not hesitate to call Phoenix police if they need help.

Paradise Valley police are expected to give an update on the case sometime Wednesday.

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