AZ woman shared home with Paradise Valley murder suspect

PHOENIX - An Arizona woman could not believe one of the people she shared a home with is now being accused of killing a well-known Paradise Valley couple.

Lawrence Shapiro, 79, and his wife, Glenna, 78, were found bound, shot, and burned beyond recognition in the master bedroom of their home, near 40th Street and Stanford Drive, on January 30th.

"Katie" didn't want to disclose her name for fear of repercussion. She spoke exclusively to ABC15.

"I was in shock. I was completely in shock. And I started shaking and I got sick," Katie said.

She just found out her former roommates Michael Lee Crane and Brittnay Beinhauer are suspects in the case.

"Michael [Crane] had always been nice to me, so I didn't know that side of him," she said.

Katie lived with Crane and Beinhauer a year and half ago. She knew Crane as "Shark," a street nickname.

She recalled the couple was heavily into drugs and Crane was trying to get clean.

If they weren't high, it was because they didn't have the money to buy meth," she said.

"That was her life. She couldn't care more about anything in the world than she did about meth," Katie said of Beinhauer. "But he didn't want to live that life because he knew that he got more out of control when he used."

Crane admitted he was schizophrenic but didn't take medication for his mental illness.

"I never saw any red flags that I was in danger with him," Katie said.

She never expected Crane to do what he is being accused of doing and said she is glad she cut ties with the couple.

Four other people have been arrested in the case.

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