ABC15 obtains new details in Paradise Valley double murder case

PARADISE VALLEY, AZ - Court documents obtained by ABC15 on Friday reveal new details into a double murder investigation in Paradise Valley.

A portion of the documents surfaced Friday morning after ABC15 filed motions in court to get them released.

View the court documents.

Lawrence Shapiro, 79, and his wife, Glenna, 78, were found bound, shot, and burned beyond recognition in the master bedroom of their home, near 40th Street and Stanford Drive, on January 30th.

Six suspects arrested in the case include 31-year-old Michael Lee Crane , 27-year-old Brittnay Beinhauer, 29-year-old Kelly Steward, 29-year-old Shawn Nicloy, 26-year-old Danielle Rossman, and 25-year-old Katherine Adele Austin.

See Crane, Beinhauer and Steward in their initial court appearances

According to the documents, the Shapiros were robbed, bound, and murdered in their home by Michael Crane.

In an attempt to hide evidence of the crime, Crane allegedly set the home on fire.

Crane then reportedly fled in the Shapiros' vehicle, which was later found on fire in the area of 8th Street and Union Hills Drive .

Rossman reportedly said in an interview that Crane came to her residence with property stolen from the home.

Rossman disposed of some of the property by selling it and then disposed of additional items when the case received media attention, according to the documents. 

The documents said this was done after Rossman knew of the crimes.

However, Rossman reportedly admitted that there was still property in the home.

Rossman also provided transportation for Crane, according to the documents.

Steward said in a police interview she knowingly received jewelry items of Lawrence's from Crane.

The documents state Steward then knowingly transported these stolen items.

Police said they found Crane and arrested him based upon the finding and recovery of Lawrence's property that had been given to Steward by Crane.

Steward reportedly said in an interview that Crane confided to her about setting the house on fire.

Court documents said a search warrant was executed and a wallet containing credit cards and identification belonging to a victim of a Phoenix homicide was found inside a black suitcase belonging to Beinhauer. The victim of January 25th murder had no relation to Beinhauer

PD investigating if Phoenix fire, Paradise Valley murders are connected

After the crime, Crane reportedly met with Shawn Eric Nicloy where they divided up the property which Crane had stolen during the robbery.

Nicloy reportedly said a few days later, due to the media attention, he learned of the deaths of the Shapiros.

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