Victim's family wants to see justice after doctor killed by hit and run driver

FOUNTAIN HILLS, AZ - The family of a Valley doctor, killed by a hit and run driver, says anything less than five years in jail for the man who did it would be a crime.

Nicholas Linsk changed his plea to guilty last week, for leaving the scene of an accident in October, 2012. 

Police say Linsk's truck hit Dr. Marwan Maalouf who was riding his bike in Fountain Hills, They say Linsk never stopped to check on the bicyclist.

A passing driver found Maalouf and his shattered bike, but it was too late.

Maalouf's sister, Laila, says she believes it was a head injury caused by the fall from his bike that ultimately took her older brother's life.

Maalouf had dedicated his career to finding a cure for Alzheimer's after working with the elderly when he was just 17 years old and again during his residency. 

Most recently he worked at the Barrow Neurological Institute and had ignited a successful study of a longevity gene that was able to reverse aging in mice.

"His dream was to cure Alzheimer's," Laila said. "Who knows what he would've achieved if he would've lived a few more years."

Linsk is looking to cut a plea deal and the prosecutor in the case has told the Maalouf family that probation is on the table, though they are fighting for jail time. 

Laila says they won't be able to move on with the grieving process until the case is closed. 

More than jail time she wants Linsk to lose something, specifically his right to drive.

"A life has been taken here.If he's dangerous behind the wheel he shouldn't be driving because driving is a privilege," Laila said.

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