Fountain Hills Powerball winner could buy NHL team and the most expensive house in the Valley

PHOENIX - The Fountain Hills Powerball winner hasn't come forward, but that hasn't stopped people from talking about the high priced items he or she could buy.

Surprisingly, there are some things the $190 million cash prize can't buy.  If the winner is a sports fan, there's only one team in town they could afford: the Phoenix Coyotes. The NHL is selling the team for $170 million.

According to Forbes, the Phoenix Suns are valued at $395 million, the Arizona Diamondbacks at $447 million and the Arizona Cardinals at $922 million.

Perhaps the winner would like to purchase some expensive jewelry. For a mere $91,000 he or she could buy a perfect diamond necklace from Robert C. Wesley Jeweler and Gemologist in Scottsdale.

If a new home is what the winner wants, why not go for the most expensive? A 31,000 square foot Paradise Valley mansion with an 18-car garage was last valued at $19.5 million.

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