'Cash mobs' target Valley businesses

FOUNTAIN HILLS, AZ - ‘Cash mobs' have hit the Valley, with the goal of helping small businesses boost profit and gain new customers.

The ‘cash mobs' consist of large groups of people who descend on a business on a specific day to spend money.

"Every little bit helps," said Bob Dose who runs Card$mart in Fountain Hills. His business was the first one the local ‘cash mob' flocked to in May. That ‘cash mob' is organized by the Fountain Hills Business Alliance.

"This is our slowest time of the year," Dose said, referring to the residents who leave town during the Summer. Dose told ABC15 the ‘cash mob' brought him triple the daily profit he usually brings in.

‘Cash mobs' are popping up across the Valley and the country and some say it will take a lot of effort to sustain the moment brought on by the single-day shopping sprees.

"Part of that [is then up to] the retailer," said Michelle Holcomb with the Fountain Hills Business Alliance. "We've given them that opportunity and now that retailer needs to stay in touch with those people and do additional marketing to stay in front of them. "

That is the next challenge for Dose, who said the extra business helped him a lot.

"That helps pay the rent and pay the air conditioning bill," he said.

The Fountain Hills Business Alliance plans to hold their next ‘cash mob' on June 27.

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