Bobcat, house cat share moment outside Cave Creek home

CAVE CREEK, AZ - An unusual moment between a house cat and a bobcat outside a Cave Creek home has become the talk of the Valley.

The star of the story is a house cat named Pima. She and her sister Mogey were the first ones to spot the bobcat.

"I thought they'd be scared, I thought they'd run away," said the cats' owner, Bucky Marshall.

This newfound courage may not be such a new thing after all. These cats were born in a scary place.

"Pima and her sister Mogey were born in a dumpster in Colorado," Marshall explained.  "The rescue people called us and we said, ‘No, we can't have any more cats.' Then we met them and the rest is history."

And now, three years later, an unexpected visitor literally arrived at their door.

"That day was Friday the 13th.  I had no idea Friday the 13th would be my lucky day," Marshall recalled with a smile.

When Marshall saw the bobcat he grabbed his camera, just hoping to be lucky enough to get a picture of the wild cat.  Instead, he got some incredible video of Pima pawing at the glass door, desperately trying to get the bobcat's attention.

"Pima would get up here and was pawing at the window, pawing at the window. ‘Pay attention to me, pay attention to me, I want to be your friend'," Marshall explained while pointing at the spot where the two felines interacted.

After a couple of minutes of ignoring Pima, the bobcat reached up and the two cats exchanged a tender moment: a bobcat and a domestic house cat, trying to touch paws through a glass door.

"At first when it happened I thought the bobcat would get aggressive," said Marshall.  "But instead it was quite the nice little interaction where the bobcat almost wanted to play."

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