Teen returns to Arizona after White House science fair

ANTHEM, AZ - The Anthem teen who wowed President Obama returned to the Valley Wednesday with his now famous marshmallow cannon in tow.

Fourteen-year-old Joey Hudy credits Jerry Becker, an employee at the Home Depot in Anthem, with helping make his dream a reality.

"He's just such a nice kid," Becker said. "It's not very often you find any 14-year-olds anymore that are that polite."

Becker helped Joey with his idea of constructing a cannon made of PVC pipe that when filled with air pressure could shoot a marshmallow more than a hundred feet.

Tuesday, Joey's invention earned him a spot in the second annual White House science fair.

President Obama made sure Joey demonstrated how the cannon works.

Becker saw the footage of he marshmallow flying across the state dining room on the evening news.

"I was proud to see him there and to know Home Depot helped him accomplish something like this," said Becker.

Joey and his parents returned from Washington, D.C. Wednesday afternoon at Sky Harbor International Airport.

"Joey had this vision and Jerry just got it," said Joey's mom, Julie Hudy. "(Jerry) understood exactly what Joey wanted to do and made it happen."

"(Home Depot) helped pay for it," said Joey Hudy. "They practically paid for the whole thing, which was nice. They helped me build it, too."

Becker now expects to see a wave of kids wanting help with their science projects.

"Which is fine, I like doing it," Becker said. "I like helping the kids out."

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