Raging water breaks walls, floods homes in Anthem

ANTHEM, AZ - It was a storm so powerful, not even three brick walls were able to hold back the raging flood waters that hit Anthem after Tuesday's downpour.

"The water started seeping in through the patio door. Things were flying in the backyard," homeowner Anintita Bhattachergee said.

Tuesday's storm in Anthem created a fast moving wall of water that turned Bhattachergee's backyard into a swimming pool. By the mud line on her sliding glass door, you can see the water was one-and-a-half, to three feet high in places.

With her husband away at work, the storm was a very tense moment for the mother of two

"My first priority was to make sure my kids were safe," Bhattachergee said. "I just sent the kids and my dog upstairs so they wouldn't panic, but my young one was crying, and my old one was pretty shaken up."

The water forced its way into Bhattachergee's house, flooding it and ruining her carpet and floors. Now her family needs to find some place else to live. Her next door neighbors were also flooded by the storm.

The day after the storm, ABC15 found neighbors stepping in to help where they could. Seven-year-old Jenah Machegh and her family spent their time going around to the damaged homes and picking up the mess.

"We want to show love to these families," Jenah said.

The piles of rocks, mud, and tree branches everywhere will take days, if not weeks to clean up, but with support, this community should recover.

"I've heard of flash floods before, but I've never seen one," Bhattachergee's said. "I hope this is the last one."

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