Pitbull attack in valley park, woman searches for owner

ANTHEM, AZ - A morning walk in the park turned into a vicious pitbull attack for Nancy Mylan and her 5-year-old dog Roxie.

On December 29th, Mylan took her three dogs for a walk in a park in Anthem near Daisy Mountain Road. While entering the park, Mylan saw a pitbull off its leash playing fetch with it's owner. She said as soon as the pitbull saw them, there was no stopping it from rushing towards them.

"The pitbull picked her up and literally had her up in the air with her legs and she was just howling and screaming like she was getting killed. The owner was laid out flat on her back and the pitbull was basically just chewing her up."

Mylan says the pitbull grabbed onto Roxie's body and wouldn't let go. It wasn't until she started spraying the pitbull with pepper spray that it released Roxie from its bite.

Today, Roxie has stitches running throughout her entire abdomen and on her right hind leg from the attack.

"It's cost about two-thousand dollars for all the vet bills. She's not only hurt physically, but her demeanor is not the same anymore. She is so timid, she won't even go around my little boys," said Mylan.

Mylan exchanged contact information with the owner of the pitbull, but found out later she was not given the correct address or phone number.

Her worry for Roxie has since shifted to the safety of others, specifically young kids who frequently play in the park.

"My message to her is if she still has the dog, do not take the dog out anymore because she cannot control the dog, and secondly to please call me so i don't have to try and find her to do the right thing," said Mylan.

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