Arizona girl shoots, kills instructor: Valley reacts to 9-year-old shooting with Uzi

ANTHEM, AZ - It’s the video that’s not only sparking controversy. It’s also sparking a conversation.

“That instructor took his life into his hands when he was teaching this girl how to shoot an Uzi,” explains Surprise resident George Alessi. “It’s tragic.”

He’s talking about a video that’s now gone viral. A 9-year-old girl learns how to shoot an Uzi in Mohave Co.

The girl loses control of the weapon on the recoil, and ends up shooting her instructor, killing him.

“To start off, semi-automatic weapons or even single-action weapons are the best,” says Alessi.

At the Ben Avery Shooting Range of US 17, shooters of all experience levels learn proper techniques in a safe environment.

“It’s ok to teach young people to shoot,” one shooter told us. “But obviously, the instructor wasn’t very safe in the way he/she handled the instruction. “

But not everyone faults the instructor

“That instructor may have done everything right, but you cannot compensate for the fact that you have a 9-year-old little girl with a very high-powered weapon in her hand,” explains Gerry Hill, founder of Arizonans for Gun Safety.

At the very least, the situation has many gun owners thinking twice before they load up.

ABC15 asked Alessi if he worries about someone losing control at a gun range. He responded, “Yes. I think about it every time I go to the range and that’s why you really have to be careful.”

The Arizona gun range where the incident with the 9-year-old occurred now says it will increase its minimum age requirement to 12.

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