New River explosion: Investigators continue to search for clues

NEW RIVER, AZ - Investigators continue to search for answers on a property where an explosion severely injured a man Monday night.

Police believe three people were trespassing on that remote property in New River when some sort of explosion happened.

One man lost his leg. He's still recovering at the hospital.

On the second full day of the search, Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies remained tight-lipped.

MCSO says a property management company has control of the land, with a house and a shed on the property.

It's called Gavilan Estates, based out of Peoria. We called the company Wednesday for more information and haven't heard back.

In the meantime, investigators haven't released what kind if explosive device this was or how it was set off.

We also don't know where the explosive device came from.

These kinds of questions have New River residents like Jeff Byrket on edge-- wondering when they'll learn more.

"As I find out more about what happened, that there was an explosive device, that does raise some caution if you're in this area. We live here, kids play in this area. You never know what you might come across. We're all on pins and needles, waiting to find out what happened back here," Byrket said.

No arrests have been made.

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