Neighbors concerned after javelina bites dog in Anthem

ANTHEM, AZ - A small beltway of desert just a few feet from some houses is where Anthem resident John Ernst and his dog found themselves in a standoff with a javelina.

"It was about 6 feet from my dog Tiger," Ernst said. "I was surprised it would come so close."

The javelina eventually bit the dog but did not cause any injury.

Ernst walks along that patch of desert quite often because it is one of the few places he is able to walk his dog off leash without getting a ticket.

Ernst is aware of at least one other dog that was bitten by a snake.

Ernst said he and other dog owners hope the recent encounters will emphasize the need for a dog park in Anthem.  

The Anthem Community Council will review the possibility.

Ernst said he will continue to walk in the area but will be more on alert for what he and his dog may encounter.

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