Flood victim recalls nearly drowning in backyard

Jeannette Feeley was overcome with emotion when she returned to her Anthem home Wednesday after it flooded Tuesday night.


Feeley said she could have died from the flooding that blew through a cement wall in her backyard.


She said the water was up to her neck so she swam to her hot tub, which was floating like a toy, to escape.


“I climbed up on the wall from the hot tub right there and that's where I was screaming for help,” recalled Feeley.


Eventually, she said she jumped down from the wall and found firefighters.


“I was just in shock. I mean here I almost died and I lost everything. I don't know how to describe that,” said Feeley.


When Feeley walked into her home Wednesday morning, she found the flood waters had nearly damaged or destroyed most of her things.


Water marks on the wall were higher than waist level. The water was so strong it managed to pick up her refrigerator which was tilted against a kitchen wall.


“I'm a little overwhelmed today. I was cold last night and I thought ‘oh I need a pair of socks’ but I'm like I don't even have socks,” said Feeley.


Feeley said she did not have flood insurance because her home is not in a flood zone so she didn’t even think about it.


But while she may have lost most of her belongings, she said she’s has a new appreciation for the small things in life and for the things that matter most.


“It's emotional when you lose everything but I haven't lost my faith, and I haven't lost my friends or family and those I'm so grateful for,” said Feeley.

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