Fallen trees create headache for Anthem homeowners

ANTHEM, AZ - Homeowners are cleaning up across Anthem after strong winds uprooted hundreds of trees Tuesday night.

Folks woke up to the sounds of chainsaws echoing through their neighborhoods.

Some spent the morning cutting limbs and stacking branches along the road, while others called in landscaping companies to do the dirty work.

Lizard Landscaping started the tall task of removing fallen trees around 5:30 Wednesday morning.

Owner Eric Gallagher called in four extra workers and piled branches into three trucks and trailers.

Gallagher says his cell phone hasn't stopped ringing and his crew will be busy all week helping folks get their yards back in order.

He said crews have to to saw, cut, load and remove the trees and just one house can take hours.

It's welcome business for them, but a big loss for homeowners. Gallagher said it could cost more than $1,000 to buy a new mature tree.

Gallagher said mesquite and palo verde trees are typically the victims in monsoon storms because they have a small root ball. In order to prevent the mess created by Tuesday's storms, he said folks should trim their trees and thin out the branches. The small step could save folks a major headache and a lot of money.

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