Anthem community steps up to help flood victims

ANTHEM, AZ - Nearly 100 people showed up throughout the day on Thursday to help Renee Vides clean up his home.

Flood waters from Tuesday night's storm damaged nearly everything in his home.

Vides said his insurance company is not helping with any of the damage so he's left to handle it himself.

But two days after the floods, volunteers continued to spend hours at the home making a difference for the Vides family who feels like they've been wiped out.

"You can see it on their face - the devastation. They haven't even come to grips with what's really happened yet," said Jeff Osterode, a volunteer.

"It's a lot of help. Just want to thank everyone whose here helping -- I really am," Vides said.

Volunteers said helping out also makes them feel good.

"It's one of the nice things about living here is that when something like this happens people forget about their worries and they'll drop everything to come and help and it's just the way the whole community comes together. It's just unbelievable," Osterode said.

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