Runaway steer creates chaos on Arizona interstate

YUMA, AZ - A runaway steer stopped traffic on a major highway, hurtled over a brick wall and damaged two police vehicles during a chase that had four Arizona law enforcement agencies scrambling.

Yuma County sheriff's Capt. Eben Bratcher says the male bovine escaped from a livestock trailer Tuesday morning on Interstate 8 just east of Yuma in southeastern Arizona.

Police responded immediately because the steer was darting in and out of traffic.

Bratcher described the scene as chaotic as the steer bounded over one police car and later barreled over a brick wall, knocking part of it down.

A deputy eventually was able to rope the steer from the bed of a patrol truck. Bratcher says it then "kicked the crap out of the truck."

The nimble steer was uninjured and returned to its owner.