Motorcycle officer in high speed chase the second day on his bike

WICKENBURG, AZ - A Wickenburg motorcycle officer got an exciting start to his new two-wheel career.

Officer Aaron Hadley found himself in the middle of a chase the second day on his bike.

Hadley, who has been with the Wickenburg Police Department five years, just recently finished training to be a motorcycle officer.

It's not new for him, as he owns a bike, but it was nevertheless a rush when the chase started.

"A Jeep Wrangler that didn't want to stop for me when I was trying to initiate a traffic stop," Hadley said. "I thought initially that the driver was just taking me to their house, which is common, but when the driver went into the residential dirt area and made a u-turn and pulled his hood over his head, I knew otherwise," he said while chuckling.

Hadley said it was Cory Carr who was trying to get away.

"He went off-road a couple times because he was trying to access the river," Hadley said.

The 10-mile chase started in-town and took Hadley and other officers out to where Highway 60 meets Highway 74.

Finally, it was a flat tire that forced Carr to stop and surrender.

"He said he ran for it because he had no license with him which doesn't make sense to me," Hadley said.

It was definitely a memorable moment for a small town officer who said his recent training helped.

"Anything can happen anywhere, but the danger is still there," Hadley said.

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