Department of Public Safety targets speeders from the sky

The Department of Public Safety made 63 traffic stops in less than five hours on Sunday afternoon on a stretch of U.S. 93.

It was part of a target program, where officers tried to slow motorists down.

Pilot Frank Valenzuela said drive who were speeding or committing any other dangerous traffic violations were ticketed during the special operation.

A pilot and spotter [crew] clocked drivers using a stopwatch and makers on the U.S. 93.

Once a violation was identified, the crew coordinated with DPS Highway Patrol units on the ground via radio and directed them to the target vehicle for a traffic stop.

“We don't often get people to fight us on this because it's pretty much a fail-safe method,” said Valenzuela. “We are using mathematics and a mathematic formula to figure out their speeds.”

According to Valenzuela on Sunday, in four-in-a-half-hours, DPS made 63 traffic stops, 40 of those drivers were speeding more than 90 mph and 7 were speeding more than 100 mph.

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