2 Australian Shepherd showdogs missing after car accident near Wickenberg

WICKENBERG, AZ - Two Australian Shepherds are missing after their owners' truck rolled over north of Wickenberg on Highway 93 Thursday morning.

According to several viewers who contacted ABC15 about the accident, there were four dogs in the car at the time of the rollover, two dogs stayed around the scene and two dogs ran off.

The two dogs missing are pictured above, Eve is 4 years old, and Takoda is 8 months old.

Leslie and Michael Fassio, the dogs owners, were coming back from Bakersfield, California where the dogs competed in the Australian Shepherd Club of America's dog show.

Dozens of emails have come into the ABC15 newsroom about the accident, and many people are searching for the dogs at this time.

If you see these dogs or have information leading to where the dogs may be located, please contact the dogs' owners at: 707-321-2041

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