Victim in Tucson shooting happy for Loughner life sentence

TUCSON, AZ - Mavy Stoddard lost her husband in the Tucson tragedy but still says she is happy his killer won't be put to death.

"I'm so happy, my prayers have been answered," she said.

That's how Mavy reacted to the news the man who killed her husband and five others in January 2011 pleaded guilty.

Stoddard lost her husband Dorwan in the shooting outside a Tucson Safeway 19 months ago.

He shielded her from the bullets, saving her life and sacrificing his own.

Mavy was hit in the legs and made a full recovery.

She did not go to court for Jared Loughner's guilty plea, but she is happy he will get a second chance at life.

"Maybe if he stays on his meds he can find the Lord and that's the most important thing in life," she said.

Since the shootings, Mavy has lobbied members of Congress for tougher "common sense" gun laws.

She is planning to visit Colorado next week to help comfort the shooting victims from Aurora last month.

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